SEO Training in Mohali will help you to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how you can anchorage key techniques to improve your website’s organic ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS) to drive more traffic. It also covers key terminology and technical insights necessary to cultivate an effective SEO strategy.

You will explore keyword research and the process of selecting suitable keywords for your website for effective SEO, as well as other types of optimization for online content during the SEO Training process. You will understand how to create and include effective content and use meta-tags throughout your website.

SEO Training in Mohali will also explore how websites are viewed and evaluated by search engine spiders, and how to speed up the SEO indexation process. We also provide Digital Marketing Courses in Mohali where you will learn about a range of specialist tools that are available to help common search engines find, view and rate websites.

Our SEO Training Classes will also cover off-page elements of optimization including inbound linking and techniques that can boost a website’s inbound link popularity. You will recognize how SEO is content-driven, and understand the importance of creating fresh, relevant, and original content to enhance your ranking.

This SEO Training module will enable you to monitor and manage your SEO activity by setting a baseline and regularly measuring activity against your pre-determined goals.

  • Massive job opportunity
  • Flexibility
  • Higher paid profile
  • Digital Marketing Certification

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a marketing discipline that is focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. It encompasses both technical and creative elements to optimize your website, improve its visibility in search engine result pages, and increase traffic and subsequent conversions for your business.

Most certified SEO specialists focus on the technical aspect of SEO. With our SEO course certification, we arm you with the necessary skill sets. Now you can create and implement effective, result-driven, and integrated search engine optimization strategies that you learned at your SEO training class at Mohali to help your personal or client brand/business gain long term and legalized SEO results.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key tool for the website owners to get more traffic to the website. Optimization of a website is crucial to get traffic and maintain the level over the search engine. The main aim of search engine optimization is to get more traffic from diverse sources and to get repetitive visitors.
  • SEO plays a crucial role in online business websites as well as other interactive sites. With regular updates of content on a website, SEO helps to get more traffic. There are other ways like link exchange and subscribe to RSS Feed that are more crucial parts under SEO work.
  • Based on the specific keywords SEO can generate good traffic and ultimately affect the revenue for e-commerce sites. You can see many e-commerce sites that are getting success with SEO to get more traffic. The exchanging of links and made directory can enhance the traffic towards the site.
  • It is crucial to maintain the position on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others. The SEO ranking can be monitored by Alexa and other ranking sites to monitor the position over the search engine. You can monitor your website by getting the rank to know the status of your website.
  • A Search Engine Optimizer needs to look for new keywords and work on specific keywords to get new traffic. Many SEO tools are useful to get articles or text submission automatically. A Search Engine Optimizer must be aware of the latest tools to get submitting text over free article directories.
  • Practicing website optimization with ethics is more important. There are many Search Engine Optimizers that are using shortcuts to get the better result but ultimately they are trapping under crawler.
  • The ultimate goal for the website owner and SEO is to get the traffic and appear in the first five pages of the search engine and maintain the positing online and also to get the repetitive users on their website.

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Advance SEO Course Syllabus

Search Engine Optimization Basics

  • What is Search engine optimization?
  • History of Search engines?
  • How is SEO important in digital marketing?
  • How is search engine optimization (SEO) important for companies?
  • How can search engines impact the brand and sales of a company?
  • How does a search engine algorithm work?
  • Components of search engines?
  • Different types of search engines?
  • Operators used in SEO Algorithms used in SEO Updates of SEO

Google Webmasters Tools

  • Adding a Site and Verification Process
  • Configuration
  • Settings
  • Geographic Settings
  • URL Parameters
  • Site Links
  • Crawl Errors / Stats
  • Google Fetch
  • Blocking the Crawler and blocked pages
  • Traffic
  • Search Queries
  • Links to Site / Internal Links
  • Optimization
  • Sitemaps
  • Remove URLs from the index
  • HTML Suggestions
  • Content Keywords

Research and Analysis of Keywords

  • Importance of Keywords in SEO
  • Analysis of keywords for a particular company
  • Research on keywords
  • Different types of keywords
  • Analysis of keywords using google ad words
  • Competitor analysis
  • Fitting the right keywords to the project

On-Page Optimization

  • How is on-page optimization important in SEO
  • Web layout structure
  • Codes used in the website
  • Design factors and guidelines
  • Differences between dynamic and static sites?
  • Domain name optimization
  • File name and folder name and URL optimization
  • Title tag optimization
  • Meta tags optimization
  • How to write a meta description
  • Meta robots
  • Header optimization
  • Footer optimization
  • Anchor link optimization
  • Content writing for SEO
  • Site maps submission
  • Image optimization
  • URL optimization

Off-Page Optimization

  • Introduction to off-page optimization
  • Factors affecting offsite optimization
  • Importance of offsite optimization
  • Current scenario of search engine optimization
  • On-page optimization versus off-page optimization
  • How to build links?
  • Type of linking methods
  • Link checking tools
  • Directory submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • Posting classifieds
  • Importance of integration of blog to gain SEO
  • Local listing
  • Forum signatures
  • Article submissions
  • Importance of social buttons and social media
  • Press release submission

Dynamic Site Optimization Techniques

  • WordPress SEO
  • Black hat SEO techniques

SEO Reporting

  • Website position analysis
  • Monthly reports
  • Cyclic SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO Training Benefits for


  •  A Better and Improved CV for Better Job Opportunities.
  •  Enter into Ecommerce or IT/Software Industry with Good Salary.
  •  Earn Money as a Part-time Freelancer by work from home Options.
  • More confidence and High Self Esteem


  • More Business Leads via online Media.
  • Business Growth Opportunities
  • Business Expansion in Other Countries.
  • More Return on Investments ( ROI).
  • Better and Organized Business.
  • Business Expansion Via Online Mode
  • Less Advertising Spends compared to Offline Advertisements.


  • Better Job opportunities in Digital Domain.
  • You can earn much higher salaries.
  • Make a shift from Offline Promotions to Online Promotions.
  • Generate more Money working as a Freelancer.
  • Much Better and Promising Career

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Career Opportunities for SEO Experts

With more and more businesses going online, the demand for SEO services is growing too, finished the way for a bright and promising future. And if you are seeking a career as an SEO expert in the field of digital marketing, there are various opportunities for you to consider.

  • Search Engine Marketers
  • SEO Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Google Certification
  • Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Content Marketers
  • Entrepreneur

Why choose Us for SEO course training in Mohali?

There are various training institutes providing you SEO Classes in Mohali. ‘Training Institute Mohali is one of the best SEO Training Institute in Mohali. Here, we always deliver result-oriented SEO training to our applicants. Our prime motive is to prepare our applicants with the latest social SEO strategies which will help you boost career digital marketing professionals. Before you join our SEO Training Institute in Mohali you should be aware of the benefits of attending the same. We design our SEO classes for both the employed and the unemployed individuals.

The Benefits Of Joining Us

  • Learn from the well experienced SEO Professional.
  • Provide you Live Websites for increasing practical knowledge
  • SEO course is well designed as per industry trends
  • Learn from basics to advance level of Search Engine Optimization
  • Affordable SEO course fees.
  • We offer thorough training on both on-page and off-page SEO.
  • We train the students about the SEO techniques that are legitimate, effective, and simple.
  • We follow the most recent trend in SEO.
  • Our training fees are highly affordable, even for college students.
  • We have flexible course timing so that employed individuals can easily join our SEO Training Institute in Pune.
  • We offer 100% live project training, certification, and job assistance during the course for the suitable candidates

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