Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali- Dance is considered one of the best exercises and a hobby. Dancing helps in increasing one’s flexibility, it even reduces stress and enhances one’s muscular strength as well as endurance. With multiple benefits to it, it is sure an activity worth trying. With various class options available at dance academies in Chandigarh, dancing is the new fad among the Tricity residents these days. Classes vary from beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Private lessons and social dance class options are also easily available in the city’s beautiful.

Here are the Best Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

1st out of the Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

Dansation Dance Studio

Giving Dance Training From Last 10 Years, Located In Hub Of the city, All Age Groups Welcome, Separate Batch For Ladies And Kids, Personal Attention On Each Student. Dansation Dance Studio runs very happening, fun, and creative dance classes for individuals of all capabilities and age groups. Dansation Dance Studio class guides you all kinds of dance forms, from Indian Classical to Hip Hop to Bollywood. They have skilled dancer teachers who will leave no stone unturned to teach whichever dance form you like. You can become an ace dancer today, just join Dansation Dance Studio classes. Dansation Dance Studio classes are the best dance classes in Mohali. You will be taught to dance songs step by step. Dansation Dance Studio is the grooviest dance class you will ever come across. Dance is an emotion that releases all the happy hormones in your body.  

Contact Details of Dansation Dance Studio

Address: Scf 68, Top Floor, Mohali Sas Nagar, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 08047091936

2nd out of the Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

Artistic Dance Studio

Established in the year 2017, the Artistic Dance Studio in Mohali is a top player in the category of Dance Classes in the Mohali. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing clients both locally and from other parts of Mohali. Over the course of its journey, this business has established a firm foothold in its industry. This business employs individuals that are dedicated to their respective roles and put at an end of the action to achieve the common vision and larger goals of the company. Artistic Dance Studio in Mohali is one of the leading businesses in the Dance Classes. Also known for Dance Classes, Dance Classes For Bhangra, Dance Classes For Children, Dance Classes For Bollywood, Zumba Classes, Dance Classes For Women, Dance Classes For Hip Hop, Zumba Classes For Women and much more. Find Address, Contact Number, Reviews & Ratings, Photos, Maps of Artistic Dance Studio, Mohali.

Contact Details of Artistic Dance Studio

Address: SCF. 35, 2nd Floor, Phase 11, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 094634 87568

3rd out of the Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

The Dance Mafia

The Dance Mafia in Mohali, Phase 7. Mohali is amongst the revered academies for dance. A team of instructors trains a plethora of students in a variety of dance forms. This school is also instrumental in organizing a host of events followed by fests that feature stage shows. At SCO 268 on, locate this center with ease. Undoubtedly it is one of the best dance classes in Mohali. Catering to almost all age groups, there are special batches for Kids at this dance studio. One can also avail of professional choreography for events like weddings, corporate events, school functions, and college festivals. Cash is accepted. Operational on all days, visit this center from 09:00 – 22:00.

Contact Details of The Dance Mafia

Address: SCO -122, opposite Flower Market, Mohali 7 Phase, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 095019 15706

4th out of the Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

Step2Step Dance Studio

Step 2 Step Dance Studio (S2SDS) is in the field of Teaching Dance since 1999. S2SDS is Organizing Dance Shows, Competitions, Cultural Events, Special/Summer Dance Workshops. Our aim in teaching dance is to explore the hidden talent of Kids and Youth. With a very positive response, we teach thousands of students from the age group 3 years onwards and help them to develop confidence among them. In the past few years, S2SDS has organized various events and shows throughout the North Region, where we see smiling souls of kids while dancing

Contact Details of Step2Step Dance Studio

Address: SCF-63, Top Floor, Near Amrit Confection, Phase-5, Mohali Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 097801 16191

5th out of the Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

Rimpy Raj School Of Dance

Rimpy Raj School Of Dance in Mohali conducts classes for various dance forms including Bollywood, B-Boying, Hip-Hop, Locking Popping, Zumba, Kathak, Salsa, Contemporary, and Hula Hoop. Catering to almost all age groups, there are special batches for KIDS at this dance studio. One can also avail of professional choreography for events like weddings, corporate events, school functions, and college festivals. Cash is accepted. Operational on all days, visit this center from 06:30 – 21:30.”All Types of Dance Academy, fitness classes, Zumba, Kids Dance, Western Dance, salsa, Folk dance, Bollywood, wedding choreography, Bhangra, Sami Classical”

Contact Details of Rimpy Raj School Of Dance

Address: Bal Bhawan, Phase 4, Sector 59, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 099885 95177


Dance is a powerful impulse, but the art of dance is that impulse channeled by skillful performers into something that becomes intensely expressive and that may delight spectators who feel no wish to dance themselves. These two concepts of the art of dance. Dance as a powerful impulse and dance as a skillfully choreographed art practiced largely by a professional few are the two most important connecting ideas running through any consideration of the subject. In dance, the connection between the two concepts is stronger than in some other arts, and neither can exist without the other. Although the above broad definition covers all forms of art, philosophers and critics throughout history have suggested different definitions of dance that have amounted to little more than descriptions of the kind of dance with which each writer was most familiar. Thus, Aristotle’s statement in the Poetics that dance is a rhythmic movement whose purpose is “to represent men’s characters as well as what they do and suffer” refers to the central role that dance played in classical Greek theatre, where the chorus through its movements reenacted the themes of the drama during lyric interludes.

Advantages of Dance


Dance is exercise, so the physical benefits of dancing will be similar to that of other cardio activities.

1. Improves cardiovascular health

The heart-pumping health benefits of dance are right in line with the Department of Health and Human Services’ physical activity guidelinesTrusted Source for adults. It states for health benefits, adults should do:

at least 150 minutes to 300 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise,

75 minutes to 150 minutes per week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity

2. Improves balance and strength

Professional dancer Jonathan Tylicki, the director of education for AKT, a boutique fitness concept rooted in dance, says one of the reasons dance is such a great form of physical fitness is because it incorporates movements on all planes of motion and from all directions.

“Movements that we typically do in our daily life, like walking, taking the stairs, and common workouts like treadmills and cycling, occur in the sagittal plane, but dance works your body from all planes, including lateral and rotational, which turns on and conditions all muscles, meaning no muscle is left behind

3. Gentle on your body

Many forms of dancing, such as ballroom, are appropriate for people with limited mobility or chronic health issues.

If you have concerns about the intensity of a class, talk with your doctor and the instructor before starting the class. They can help you with any modifications if needed.

4. Boosts cognitive performance

If you need a reason to get moving, consider this: A lot of research shows how dancing can maintain and even boost your ability to think as you age.

But how does this happen? Well, according to some studies trusted Source, scientists have found that the areas of the brain that control memory and skills, such as planning and organizing, improve with exercise like dance.

Plus, unlike other forms of exercise, dance has the additional benefits of improving balance through rhythm and music.

5. Challenges your brain

If you’ve ever tried tap dancing, then you know exactly what we mean by dance challenging your brain.

Tylicki points out that the brainpower you need to access for dance, specifically, requires you to focus on both the constant changing of movement and recalling moves and patterns.

This is an excellent form of mental exercise for your mind, regardless of your age.

Types of Dances

This is a very graceful and technical form of dance, but it’s also perfect for all ages. It’s universally known that ballet is the foundational style for all dance. Turetsky says that’s because you develop a basic understanding of:








Belly dance

Belly dancing is a great style to start with, especially if you want to learn how to express yourself by using your stomach muscles, core, arms, and hips.

“It is a style of dance that is very rhythmical and fun,” Turetsky said. It’s more suited to adults than kids.


“Hip-hop is a very free and raw dance form where you get to express yourself to music with your entire body and posture,” Turetsky said.

Hip-hop style is perfect for all ages, and it’s especially great for people who want to dance to popular and modern music with lots of personality and style.

Tips for dancing well

Let go of insecurity and fear

The first step to dancing well is to let go of your insecurity and fear. This is true regardless of your level.

“Dancing — be it in front of a mirror, in a class, or in the middle of the dance floor in a nightclub, requires you to silence that voice in your mind that says you can’t do it or that people are judging you,” says Corella.

Dancing, he says, requires you to trust yourself, trust your training, and give yourself permission to fly.

Start with a strong foundation

Turetsky recommends that everyone do some ballet training, even if you want to focus on a different dance style.

That’s because “ballet will teach you proper body alignment and how to use your core, so that no matter what movement you do, you’ll be able to find your balance,” he explains.

Practice outside of classes

While taking dance classes is very important, on top of that, Turetsky says you must also practice on your own to solidify the information and make sure your body develops the appropriate muscle memory. This is when having a mirror at home comes in handy!

Master the rhythm and timing before styling

Many people focus on the fun “styling” part right away, says Turetsky.

But if you’re in a class to learn a specific style of dance, Turetsky says you need to get the basic timing and rhythm down first, and only then add your arms, personality, and flavor on top of it.


Here are the best Top 5 Dance Classes In Mohali. Dancer guides to a series of sets of movements to music that we can either do color with a partner. Dancing helps us express our emotions and get active as well. If we look back at the past, dance has been a part of our human past since the earliest records.  In dance, the connection between the two concepts is stronger than in some other arts, and neither can live without the other.